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was founded in 1962. We were one of the first producers of PVC pipe and plastic products, focusing on computer keyboards, keycaps, and key switches with factories both in Taiwan and Mainland China, in existence for over 25 years. We have successfully transformed our expertise from computer keyboards to IT Domain Security Products.

This year, we introduced "Geeego" as a new brand under Taiwan Tai-Hao Enterprise Co. Ltd. "Geee…" indicating the sound from the break of a bicycle, and "Go!!" the start of a race. With 25 years of keyboard manufacturing skills and double-injection manufactured products, we are now extending our professional techniques into bicycle related products. Apart from Solar LED high power bicycle lights, we also designed double-Injection bicycle grips. This is also one of our finest inventions, specially designed for our clients. We combined our double-injection skills with our engineers and designers to produce this master piece.

Our mission is to combine our expertise of knowledge and skills in technology industry with new creative designs, to create and produce high tech bicycle products with the aim of satisfying our customers' needs and demands.

"Geeego"…always above your standards!!